I froze until I couldn't feel my ears: 4 

Stalls I mucked: 10
Times I swear I sprained my wrists all over again: 6
Of my candy stash that Paul ate, thinking they were Terri's: 1/2
Allergic reaction to the hay: 1 immediate, 1 delayed.
Pieces of straw blown down my shirt: too many to count.
Times I realized that white boots aren't the greatest to wear while mucking out stalls: 7
Cursed the cold both outwardly and inwardly: 25+
Sank so deep in the snow it went over the tops of my boots (which are quite tall): 3

Paperwork that I got done: 0

+Took a bus I've never taken before in the middle of the dark to a place I didn't know the location of.
+I'm kind of in a lot of pain right now...

Times I got told I'm a life saver: 3
Times I overheard someone telling someone else I was a life saver: 2
Times I got told I was doing a good job: 3
Times I heard "thank you": 10+
Times I smiled: I think I rarely stopped smiling.
People I talked to that I normally wouldn't: 5

+Got to eat pizza with Terri.
+Learned that Terri loves talk shows and Self-Help shows/books.
+Learned more about Terri's family, like how her grandpa used to make computer programs for himself (to do taxes and more) from scratch, even though computers were a new thing when he was 80.
+Got to hang out with Brianna and Gizmo (Terri's and Paul's dogs)
+Slept pretty well for not being in my own bed. Slept better than I often do, actually.

Times I nearly hyperventilated waiting for this weekend: Several times, every day.
Times I nearly backed out: 15+

How glad I am I didn't back out? You can't even imagine.

The best weekend I've had in a long long time.


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