These Heroic Tales

Do heroes and heroines in novels and movies ever feel this way?

Like it's all too much. And the battle isn't over. But all you want to do is step back, let other people fight it. Or give up entirely.

It's not that you want to give up, per se. It's not that you want the enemy to rule. It's that you just don't want to fight anymore. You're scared, sad, and tired.

Does bravery ever leave them completely? As if a huge gust of wind has gone right through you and pulled everything out, scattering it all like leaves?

When the enemy has the treasure in their grip, what keeps the heroine fighting for it, no matter how impossible the task?

I've never fought any dragons or witches or armies. I don't know these answers.

But maybe I have. Maybe I have fought dragons and witches and armies in a different form.

Maybe heroes and heroines put one step in front of the other, like everyone else.

But I wish I had a real sword and was fighting a real dragon, no matter how big. I imagine it'd be a lot easier than this.


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