So what's going on?

Decided I'm not being a pastry chef anymore. This is part of the problem right now. No one is too impressed with me. Or at least, no one in my family. Even though I'd be getting a higher education than I'd be getting had I continued.

I'm going to become a museum curator. Which requires a master's degree.

My mom doesn't believe I can do it.

My dad doesn't even act like he cares.

My brother says it sounds boring.

Very supportive family.

Oh well, I'm getting to the point that I honestly don't care. Mind you, I'm not there yet. Just that it's getting there. Sometimes, I can't even make myself care about what my parents say, do, think.

And I have my first personal counselor therapy appointment on the 4th.

My ex-best-friend's birthday. But that's okay.

No, really, it is.

Okay, ask me on the 4th. I might have a clearer answer.

But I am excited.

Parents don't know. That will be a... well, let's just be truthful here, shall we? It's going to be a huge explosion of crap when it hits the fan. So I'm waiting on revealing that tidbit till I have all the means I need to get away from my house for a week or so.

Yep. That's a snapshot of my life right now.


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