The Risk of Telling You

If I told you the truth. If I told you my past. If I told you what makes me lie awake at night as I struggle to sleep, what makes me bolt so quickly out of my rabbit hole, what makes me believe that sometimes I really am useless.

Would you believe?

And if you believed, would you care?

And if you cared, would you be shocked?

And if you were shocked, would you tell me there's worse out there?

And if you told me there was worse out there, would you still hold me as if this was the worst thing in the world?

And if you held me as if everything I just told you was the worst thing in the world,


What then?

And what if I told you it all, and you didn't believe, or you didn't care, or if you weren't shocked, or if you didn't tell me there was worse out there, but still held me as if it was the worst in the world (because at the time, it was, to me)...

What then?

What could I do?


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