I'll Fall Asleep Content Under The Setting Sun

Went to the Royal with Alex.

Completely and totally awesome. Greater than the last time, for sure. (It was a long time ago anyways, but still)

I would say I think I'm getting to the point of not missing yesterday's too-blue sky...

But I won't. Cause then I get screwed.

But let's stay happy?

I got a cowgirl hat, as weird as that sounds. I love it. And Alex and I had the greatest time ever. Superdogs is awesome too. And Ian Miller. I hope he won, we had to leave before the International Jumpers ended, but the whole crowd was holding their breath while Ian Miller went over those jumps- and didn't knock one.

Totally worth it, even if I didn't get to write a single word today. Maybe especially because of that.

And I love riding trains officially right now. First time was today, how awesome/sad is that?

Braided my own hair today, to get the real cowgirl look. First time I've done pigtails. Probably the first time I've braided my hair well. I suck at braiding

Now... good night. Sleep tight. Drift off to the moon's lullaby.


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