The Problem with Comfort

How did we get here?

How did it come to this?

There's certain things I can see in clearly defined steps. From A we did B and went to C and fought over E because of D and ended up here, at F.

Other things... not so much.

Yes. I do believe we're the strongest, and form the strongest of bonds, when life is at it's worst.

So is that what happened?

We got too comfortable in the clouds that we forgot how to fly, and plummeted when a stray wind took that cloud from beneath us?

Now we're here, back at square one, except the staircase to the sky is long gone. Invisible, or maybe not even there, like in the midst of the last crisis, when I had someone else, not you.

There's no neat ABCs that led us here. Only JFVs. The new, messed up alphabet that defines our present, past and future.

The sky was nice, the sun warm, the clouds soft. Now we've got to decide if we've all got what it takes to get back there together and whole, or if we should just lug as many pieces as we can into our own skies, and each leave this part of us on the ground.

What is it?


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