It's hard.

If everything goes as it should, if there is any right in this world, if everything is "righted," then my mom should be sued. Should be fined. Should have to pay so-much money. Because she is not blameless. She knew the unsafe practices going on and did nothing about them. Furthermore, she tried to hide them.

So if everything goes as it "should," good vs. evil and good wins... My mom should "suffer."

Simple. Except, no. If everything goes as it "should," good vs. evil, I will feel the brunt of it. I, who have done nothing, will be subject to the aftermath of it all. I will suffer abuse from my parents because of it.

I'm an advocate for doing the right thing. Fairness in all things.

And then this happens.

Maybe this is why the world isn't fair- because fairness can lead to unfair consequences, and unfairness can lead to fair consequences.

I don't know who to root for, so I'm just going to bury myself in blankets and wish for it all to be a terrible nightmare.


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