Happy Birthday to Me~


My present to myself? Going to the OSC alone (which is in Toronto) since everyone else bailed.

Awesomest Day Ever. Even though I got lost quite a number of times.

Did you know people used to (and still) make fake mermaids by sewing the top half of a monkey to the bottom half of a fish? Gruesome. I'll have nightmares for a long time (there was an example there and everything.).

Nineteen. Feels good.

And I also had my first (official) driving lesson. I ended up shedding a few tears (one from each eye, part from being scared to death and the other from laughing so hard. Seriously.)

Didn't have to make my birthday cake (which is going to work, since it seems only the good children get a family get together for their birthday. Honestly? I don't mind not having one) but it won't be as good as mine, of course.


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