The Small Things

And it's the little things that tear us down.

The bus is a minute early, or a minute late.

The hair cut you've just gotten isn't at all what you wanted.

They've run out of your favorite flavor ice cream at the store.

The things that, in the long run, won't really matter.

But for you, they do. That one thing means so much more than it seems. Something bigger than everyone says it should.

And no one really gets it, do they?

And when you try to explain, they look at you like you're crazy. How could something so small, so insignificant, mean so much?

Because the big things are too vast to hold everything snug. The small things, though, you'll fill them to bursting. They won't drift around then. They won't have space to grow and sneak up on you.

Until something tears, something develops a crack. Something goes wrong, like it's apt to do but you were hoping it'd all just skip you.

Then the smallest things become the biggest missiles.


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