They don't believe me. Because no crazy person would admit they're crazy. And it's the same with a lot of things.

And maybe that's the problem.

Because once someone breaks out and says their fear, it's likely to be in such a way that it sounds like an offhand comment. Because they're scared. And then no one takes them seriously.

Who would actually admit such a thing if it were true? And in such a way?

Because they know. They know something is wrong, but they don't know how to say it. And they want help, but don't know how to ask it. And they know that, if they stay silent, no one will open their eyes to realize it.

So they whisper it. They let it out, hoping that someone catches on. Thinking that someone has got to catch on and do something, anything.

But no one does.

So they retreat back, hugging themselves. Waiting for someone to take their silence as more than just silence. Knowing that it won't happen.


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