Defense Maneuvers

I like to think we deserve each other. That I actually deserve someone like you, and that you equally deserve someone like me.

And I also like to think that I'm fully healed, as if I can trust completely again. Because I've always been able to trust completely, though you don't know that yet.

But I can't. I like to think that you will never hurt me, and honestly, you seem like a great person who never would hurt me. It's somewhat a good thing that I want to trust you, that a part of me believes I can trust you. But still, I can't. I can't afford to. People chance in front of my eyes, and I don't know where you'll be if things get rough.

Or when things get great.

I don't know where you'll be. And I want to know, though I won't be able to do anything with the information.

So I know you could do better, but I desperately hope you don't.

Sorry. My apologies. I never mean to hurt you, but I just can't trust you to think the same.


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