The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

I'm familiar with things that are too good to be true.

I'm familiar of the feeling you get when you try to grab onto them and they slide through your fingers.

I'm even more familiar with the feeling you get when you reach for them and feel the teeth of a poisoned barb in your palm, and the poison spreads to your heart.

I'm also familiar with the last minute feeling of Oh no, just as you reach from safety into the land of no turning back.

And I know as I continue on this path that this is too good to be true. I should turn away now, it's too thin of a line to follow and leads to gold that probably isn't there. That in all rights, shouldn't be there.

But I'm so desperate for company, for something perfect, for something good, that I can't turn away.

Now I'm just waiting for that feeling of reaching too far, leaving safety and grasping for what I need so much, but will feel that familiar prickle of everything going wrong.

Because I don't think this will be one of those times that everything will just simply slide through my fingers.

Desperation does funny, hurtful things. And I'm hoping beyond hope that this time, this isn't too good to be true.


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