Saw a walk-in counselor today. Was told this all isn't my fault. I have every right to be upset.

I hear these things from my friends, but it's not the same, you know? Your friends are generally going to take your side on these types of things. But when someone professional says it, someone who doesn't have personal ties to me or my family, well, it makes things seem a little more... true?

Took me a while to accept the word "abuse" when it was put in terms of my life. I thought it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't until I started talking and then everything spilled out, things I didn't even think about anymore, that I realized just how bad it was.

Yep. And my parents don't know a thing. I'll have to tell them eventually if I keep going or if I join this group the counselor wants me to, which seems like a great idea. Don't know how they'll react to that. Probably blow up.


Complicated. As always.


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