Good-Bye Sane Me

It just hit me now, (I made this decision last night, around 1-ish, when already sleep deprived) that I am going to be, every day, writing at least 1000 words on my novel (so it can be done before July 1st), which I haven't written in since I got frustrated sometime in February, and writing my Roma/Gypsy story, which doesn't exactly have a number of words due, but I'm hoping to get a lot more chapters out.

In addition, I'm going to *try* picking Trapped Inside back up, but it's still on hiatus. And to imagine, I thought it'd be done now, or at least by summer. I only have 2 arcs left, both of which are small, but it's just... Not writing itself! XD

sigh. Good grief. This, added onto everything else. Oh, and I'm supposed to be editing my novel before July 1st too. And doing my homework, and a ba-zillion other things.

Oh well. It should keep me busy, though I think a different hobby would be less... sanity-threatening?


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