Spiders=No Sleep

Oh, giggle-worthy. Saturday night/Sunday morning, 2:30 AM, I'm getting ready to say good night to Abir and Julia and actually sleep when I look up above my bed, and in the night sky of the castle plastered there is a HU-MON-GOUS spider.

I rush to my brother's room, but he's not there. I hesitate, hating to wake my mom up because she goes into panic mode- "WHAT WHAT? FIRE? WHERE! THEIF? WHERE! SOMEONE DIED? WHERE OMG AHHHH!" and it's really not worth it when she's probably going to tell me to do it myself. So there's one person left, the one that is easily awoken and probably needs sleep more than even I do. I get my sleeping problems from my dad, people. Yup. Messed up on BOTH sides of my family, and I'm the deformed baby of it.

So I go up to his door. "Daaaad?" silence. "Daaaaddy?" silence. I debate not waking him up after all, but I can't sleep with a spider in my room, let alone one hanging out RIGHT OVER MY BED. So I open the door. "Daaaadddy???"

"What??" A bit panicked, but not the end of the world thing waking my mom up would be.

"There's a HUGE spider in my room above my bed..."

Now I'm waiting for something to make me feel like the worst daughter in the world. I think my dad's told me to kill a spider myself all of three times. All of which I've never done. Any spider I've killed has been on my own, usually when no one was there to help me, with a lot of tears, screaming, pleading and something long and blunt- a shoe, or a barbie, or a box of cookies.

My dad's also the one who had to calm me when I woke up screaming and crying, pretty much hysterical, as a kid cause I had a nightmare about spiders. Usually brought on by my brother's Reptile&Arachnids book that had actual PICTURES of the cursed beasts. Which he liked to shove in my face.

Yeah. Gotta love my brother.

So instead of groaning or anything, all I hear is a quiet "...Okay." and the bed creaking as he gets up and stumbles around getting a paper towel and finally killing that eight-legged creep.

"Thanks daddy."

"Mhm." and he goes back to bed.


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