Our Happy Place

No. I get it. I really do. I get it, because I've sat in that exact same chair as you. Comfy, isn't it? So soft, yet firm. Cozy enough that you could bury yourself in it and bring a book along, and you wouldn't mind to stay there all night, day and night again. It's bright enough there, too. Right under the sunny lamp, that you can change to the soft glow of a candle with a clap of your hands. Beside you, you've got your favorite beverage. An iced tea, perhaps. Or a hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Or your favorite can of cola.

It's comfortable where you are. And I don't blame you for staying there. Not one bit. Because I would have, in a flash. I would never have left, even if my legs slept and became pin-prickly.

Why did I leave?

You. I left for you. I put down my book with a sigh, knowing that I'd not flip the page again, I'd never find out what happened, or how it ended. Then I grabbed hold of the high arms of the chair, and pushed myself out of my comfortable, dream-like world.

I knocked on your door, you know? Did you hear? Did you hear that echo of a knock from your comfortable chair? What did you think when you heard it? Did you even look up from your book to see me standing there, getting drenched in the pouring rain, hoping, praying I wouldn't be making a fool out of myself, hoping, praying that maybe this time getting out of my comfy chair would be worth it?

Did you care?

It might seem like I'm mad at you, and sometimes I wish I was. But I'm not. Despite everything I gave up, I don't hate you the tiniest bit. I am not even hurt by you. I can't be.

Because I know how you were, how you felt. I brought the unknown to your door, and you didn't answer the door. How could I expect you to? For, when you brought your very own unknown to my door, I did much the same thing.

I know what kind of situation your in. I just wish we had decided to push ourselves from our comfortable chairs with our half-read books and reach out to the unknown brought by each other at the same time.


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