The Extension of You

Yes. I changed my mind. I decided to go a different path than you wanted me to. What is it now? The third time I've done this? Not counting all the times I've done so in other areas of my life.

Well if I did everything your way, I'd hate my life. Despise it. And it still wouldn't be enough, would it?

Make my own choices. That's what you drilled into my head since I was little. But like everything else, it came with strings attached. Only make acceptable choices, ones based off your wants for me. Having your own extension of your name and your biology is only good if they do everything the exact way you want them to, huh?

Shake your head. Say nothing at all. Let the displeasure show in your eyes and the set of your mouth. Deny me an answer, deny me encouragement, deny me everything you wish to.

Because I won't fall away. I won't let you push me away from this decision. It's mine and mine alone, and I don't see what it has to do with you.

And hey, you still have one more extension to be proud of.


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