I spend the day wanting to fall into my dreams, wanting to go someplace else. Someplace warm.

I spend the night annoyed that I have to take time out to sleep, when all I want to do is continue on.

Thoughts run through my head, buzzing and swarming.

They don't let up anyways...

It's better not to realize that you're constantly on the edge of hyperventilating whenever you're at home.

And when you do finally realize it, you can't stop.

It's going to keep you up for another hour. Tomorrow will be hell, but you've got stuff to do anyways. Presents to finish making, so you can make someone else happy. And if someone else is happy, someone you actually care about, someone who deserves to be happy, well maybe you will be a reflection of them. Maybe you'll be happy.

You will be happy. There's no doubt about that.

You're just counting on that. Waiting for it. Anxiously.

A thank you for things you didn't realize till recently. And for everything else you have yet to realize, as well.


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