Of Friends Lists

I've been clearing out my contacts on various things (MSN, etc.) recently, deleting a lot more people than I have ever done at one time.


Because unlike some I know, I don't keep people for just their contact, or to reach a number or whatever. If I've got a list titled "Friends" I attempt to keep it limited to people that are, indeed, considered my friends.

And, as I've explained to one of my friends, I've spent my whole life unknowingly afraid of breaking off friendships that were harmful to me, and keeping friends with people who constantly hurt me, and I shan't do it any longer.

And someone who does not ask me for my story, and instead believes blatant lies of those who would only like to hurt me, and then avoids me at all costs because of such rumors, does not deserve to be called "friend." And I hope that one day they really mess up, or have it done to them so that maybe, just maybe, they'll learn.

Probably not going to happen, but a girl can (and this girl will) dream.


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