Of Tai Chi and Hours Cutting

I'm starting Tai Chi next week.

Excited? Perhaps.

Okay, YEAH.

And EA is thinking about cutting down my hours.

7 hours off every other week.

That's a quarter of my paycheck.

Suddenly, too.

The second I get my hands on a bakery job, well... If it offers me full time, I'm taking it. Whereas before, I was going to negotiate enough hours for both EA and ? Bakery.

Not just the hours cutting. Some other drama I don't think falls in my favor. At all. I could be fed to lions soon enough.

But Tai Chi next week. Yay! Dragging my brother's Girlfriend to it too (she comes willingly, mind you!)

Overall... pretty okay day, if you ignore the 4 hours of work where I listened to complaint after complaint- none of them customer. Hell, we HAD no customers. It was that dead.


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