Of Searching for Paradise

We all searched for paradise. We all followed the path we thought would take us there. All our paths were so different, but we were determined that our way was the right way, and screw everyone else.

We all participated in our own little rat race. Who could reach Paradise first. Who could claim it for their own. Who would hold the bragging rights.

And in the end, we all lost Paradise.

I don't know if we found it, or if we never even made it there. All I know is that everything crumbled in our hands, and now we're trying to make something out of this suddenly-nothing.

I don't exactly know what I have right now, or where I'm going. I don't know if I'm still foolishly looking for Paradise still, or if I'm just looking for another place to run. I don't know much.

I just know, or think I know, that I have some kind of happiness in me. Some kind of calmness. I still have anger and sadness, but I'm okay. I'm still working out things, and I'm still figuring out trusting, but... I guess the big point about this is that I'm Okay.

I don't know anything about Paradise anymore, but I'm okay.


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