I don't want to see kindness in your eyes

I ask for permission after I ask the question. Because I'm more set on knowing the truth than being polite.

I've little patience for fake smiles and sugar coated words now. I've never had much patience in the first place, but now it's little to none.

Don't tell me lies of forever. I might not want to see the dark side of life today, but nor do I want to be lied to.

Perhaps I've become hard in these past few months.

But if I had one wish, and only that wish, I wouldn't use it on changing what happened, though many think I would or should. If I had a million wishes, I'd not wish to change it.

It's not that I don't miss my life before, sometimes I do terribly. It's just that it's not worth giving up my life now. They're not worth it.

In truth, they never were. In fact, they made my life near worthless.


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