I sit on this beach, with a pina colada in each hand, digging my feet into the wave-tossed sand

Did you ever think that maybe we ended this all with a bit less ado than it called for?

What were our last words? Sadly, I got curious. I looked them up.
"Twelve years of friendship ends here."
"I realise this."
"Okay. So. Good Bye."
"good bye."

Gosh, they make me laugh, even more because they weren't even said. They were typed, like most bad news nowadays. But what I want to know is, did you mean those words? Did you really want me to have a good bye? Were you as okay with it as I was?

Anger fueled those words, but the truth did as well. And I don't believe there's been many last words that are so understated for such an event in the world, other than possibly something you'd say at a funeral.

But this was a funeral, wasn't it? We dug the grave together, right under our castle of sand stood, once upon a time. We dug deep, put all our effort, then buried the corpse of once was.

And all we had to say to each other?

"Good Bye."

How laughable.


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