When I Close My Eyes, All I See is Me and You.

It's a sad thing when you feel ugly when you smile.

I got my new math course package, along with the news that a non-creepy teacher is going to help me with anything I don't understand, first period on day 2s. New hope? Hell yeah. I only have a month and a half to finish all of it, but we're not going to think about that. Plus, I started today and I'm almost done two lessons. That is out of five. There's 4 units (each with 5 lessons), a mid-term exam (this makes me giggle- "mid-term"), and a final exam.

It helps that the practice questions and their corresponding answers don't sound like they were written for university students. Never doing E-Learning again.

I bought the second book in the Storm Glass series by Maria Snyder today. How is it that the sequel, which is thinner than the first book, is double the price? They're both paperback, by the way.

I cleaned my desk off because of my new math unit. This is a good thing. Now I just need inspiration to clean the REST of my room.

I'm working Saturday and Sunday, probably long hours, so that means by the end of this weekend I should have riding for June all paid off, plus some. And I spent the time I was carving melon slices budgeting too... Gosh.

Someone has to switch the STRESS button from being ON to OFF. Problem is, that button has been almost perpetually switched to ON, so the flicker is a bit sticky. By a bit, I mean a LOT. Like, a tornado couldn't even flip that thing. Then again, a tornado would probably just rip it out of the wall, and I don't think I want that to happen.


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