I'll Drown Myself in Iced Tea

It's not your fault, is it? It's not anyone's fault, really.

I'm just tired of you all who ignore the outpouring of words coming straight from my heart. I'm tired of you all who ignore it, and then focus on something that doesn't matter. Not really. And nothing is solved. Nothing is assigned a solution. Nothing is fixed.

And yet, you are able to look past that, as if it doesn't exist, and focus on if the curtains are too bright of a pink, or if the cake is too moist. You focus on what color, style and whatever my dress will be for a prom you wish I was going to.

And mostly, I'm kind of jealous you can recede into such a small world, while I have to take a borrowed plastic crown from a happy meal to revert to some younger, childish self.


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