It's a Record

It's nearly 1 AM. I'm not going to be a happy camper tomorrow, but right now I can't sleep, even though I finally can.

You might not believe it, but this is the earliest I've finished a co-op poster. The past two times, I've stayed up all night. And I mean all night. Last time, I got to sleep for a half hour only because I was going to the school that morning, instead of co-op. The time before, I went a good 30-something hours without sleep, and had to go to my bakery co-op.

This is refreshing, though as I said before, I won't feel so refreshed tomorrow morning. Or this morning, depending on how you want to look at it.

Speaking of looks, this is probably the prettiest poster I've made. The first one was horrid, I'll admit it, but that was when everything went wrong, and I had no answers. I was picking out thin pieces of paper from my wool blanket a year from then, or more. I'm pretty sure I could still find some that had woven themselves into it now, if I knew where that blanket was.  I kind of feel like digging it up, because I've had it wrapped around me both other times. Tradition, you know? But this time I'm breaking tradition already, not staying up all night.

But I've too much to do this week to stay up for nostalgia's sake. Plus, I don't particularly like the feeling of staying up when 9 AM rolls around. And I've a headache.

I can't close my poster this time, though. Not because of lights, or a mishap with the border. Simply because I went 3-D in a way, and so I've no idea where to put it. I might just sleep with it on top of me.

But that is enough of this sleepy ramble. I'm in pain from yesterday (another post), but at he same time I'm too tired to feel it fully, except for my head. So I'm gunna write a sentence or two of LUS to fill my daily quota and fill up on melatonin, because despite being up for a good, what? 19 hours after a long, long, week of little sleep, I'm wide awake. It's not healthy.



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