I'm actually BUSY

I just remembered that I might have a orthodontist appointment tomorrow. Like, might being 99% have.

They're going to be pissed when I miss it. I WOULD call them early tomorrow to confirm, but there's a problem with that- I can't go anyways. Whether it is before or after school, I'm booked up to near completion.

And it's going to be my fault entirely, in their eyes. As usual.

Well, sorry if I need my math credit, and therefore need to meet with the teacher tomorrow to get some things straightened out (like a mid-term exam which, surprisingly, is only going to be a good 3-ish weeks late. Considering I had a month and a half to finish completely at the beginning of this month, that's pretty damn good).

And I have a riding lesson that has been moved to right after co-op (aka, I need to leave EA right at 4 PM, hoping my dad won't be late, and wear my breeches under my jeans. Guess I've only got one choice of jeans, heh.).

Plus, my family is pretty bad at this keeping-track stuff. I'm surprised we kept up the Friendship Bread twice. The third one fizzled when we forgot to feed it for a long time...

So I'm about to be yelled at. By my dental office. It makes me angry.

Oh well.


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