When The Light Just Fizzles Out

To put it simply, today was one of those days where I wanted everything to just stop. Press the pause button and chill. Bury myself under my covers and cry the day away. Anything that didn't include people looking at me, or me needing to do something, to get something done, or needing to see someone about something or other.

One of those days that you don't want to remember tomorrow not because it was absolutely terrible, but because it was just one of those days. The kind that can make you just want to give up without actually doing anything terrible.

Put my arms out, stop the walls from caving in, and by doing that, I'd keep the herd of stampeding elephants at bay. They really just want to hang around in whatever room I'm in, it seems. Thing is, no room I'm in can possibly be big enough for all of them. Even one is pushing it.


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