*Have you ever looked or thought about something
*and then its like
*you realize that this world we live in, the life we have, the fact that we are even HERE and we have our own FEELINGS and THOUGHTS is just a bunch of coincidences colliding?
*and that if one thiing went wrong, the world as we know it wouldn't exist?
*well, i don't think it's all just coincidences
*but i do wonder about it some times
*like, i get an ephiphany
*of "why are we here"
*that there shouldn't be anything
*but what is nothing?
*is it black space?
*it's scary
*and it only lasts like a split second
*i feel like if i was thinking about it for longer
*i might have an answer
*but i never can u__u

*I was just staring at the sky and seeing how its darker blue over here, when a few streets over its slightly lighter
*and thought about the sun
*and I'm like OMG !!!
*and all this came to me


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