Stressed? Naw....

I'm not all that looking forward to Friday, at the same time I am.

Friday will be the sudden big-sigh-of-relief for Quiet Week (that just so happens to be full of screaming, crying and people generally going to almost-insanity and making a ruckus about it) ends, and exams begin.

Except for, y'know, us co-op students who have no exams, just a bunch of final little things (little? Psh, big more like it) pushed together into the span of a couple of days (which SHOULD make this week easy since our last day of any co-op class is tomorrow. Oops, its midnight, so Today, but English is filling up the time Co-op would have). So till Tuesday, I'm off scott free (though I should really rein scott in as I will need him it seems to prep for my English final)

So, I'm not looking forward to Friday? Why? Why would one NOT be, when it's the first breath of freedom since (truthfully) summer? (Please note that my Winter Break wasn't that relieving, as I still had huge amounts of work to do. It just happened that I stressed so much that I ignored it all to save myself and therefore got nothing done. It's a weird way I work, get over it)

Because I remember last summer, for once.

I remember that I got out of school, and spent the first two weeks (well, post-run away) panicking because I thought "Oh NO! A project MUST be due, it has to be. Or an assignment. Shoot, what do I need to make note of to bring Monday, even though I'll probably forget it and Fisher will KILL me!"

Except, y'know... it wasn't since it was Summer and all.

So I got almost more stressed out than I usually was during school (except, again, I was having an extremely hard time trying to even pass English last semester, so my stress levels were up to a point I have yet to reach again, despite all this cramming as of late. No hyperventilation yet, so we're good!). Imagine, I'm trying to relax, everyone is, but I can't because OH. MY. GOD. An assignment that doesn't exist has a due date that I am unsure of (and doesn't exist either) needs to be handed in at school (which is closed) to a teacher (who is probably lounging on a beach chair, tanning) who will bite my head off if it's late (which because of the above, it won't be, plus she'd kill me just for interrupting her summer. And I don't know this, as I am still in school-panic mode)

And a week isn't always enough time to get out of this mode, so I don't know how much I'll be enjoying it.

So... Anyone looking forward to next week for me?

(yes, I use brackets a lot.)



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