I've made someone hate me before. It was intentional on my part. I was trying to do them a favor, you know how the stories work out, right? You make someone hate you to save them from danger. You say harsh words  to have them go forward, instead of always staying in one place.

And in stories, there is some kind of recognition, I find. Like, someone knows the person saying those cruel things is just saying them to save someone else. Maybe even that person, the person who they were trying to save, finds out. They know. There's some kind of recognition, some kind of "Hey, I know what you did, and thank you. You are the best," type thing.

But in real life, that doesn't work. It just doesn't work out. People don't end up realizing what you sacrificed to save them. They don't realize that what you said hurt both you and them, as well as saved them from some kind of unknown danger, that it caused you so much pain. You go unrecognized.

Even worse, they hate you forever. They don't forgive you. They go on hating your guts because they don't see the sacrifice you made. They think you actually meant all those words, all those actions, and there's no secondary character to say Hey, wait up there, does that really sound like them?

This isn't a story, a novel, a book. There's little recognition. There's little forgiveness.


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