So maybe I'm a little slower on these things, or maybe it's because I've been 100% stress for the past three months and all I've been hearing this whole thing referred to as the "Mohawk Strike" (and as I'm not ever going to Mohawk for anything, it is marked as least concern, only on the list because my brother goes there).

I just realized that not only is this "Mohawk Strike" going to affect Ren, one of my friends who is doing half-time there next semester (or is supposed to), it's possibly going to affect me, who's planning to go to a college an hour's drive away next school year.


So. I have no idea what's going to happen. Just that a lot of people are screwed.

But if they go on strike, Ren will stay with us. Both good and bad in this situation. I'm not sure which I'd prefer.. I don't know if I want to stay another semester, even if the strike doesn't happen.


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