-Heart- Books

I'm so happy right now.

I finished The Hunger Games in a day and 5h (give or take, as well as helping Jenni move in today, doing a lot of stuff at Sare's yesterday, and having many annoying people and sheer exhaustion to deal with).

I'm feeling more like my old self, and it just makes me delighted. Elated. Ecstatic.

And The Hunger Games was a wonderful book.

Right now? I'm going through my post-reading habits (as of late, so for the books I've read in the past 4-5 months, which is a disturbing number- only amounting to -maybe- 4, and none read in November, December (up till the winter break, when I read two books in the span of a weekend I was so desperate, and none since)

These habits include looking up on Goodreads the spoiler comments, and Wiki'ing the book, as well as being restlessly wanting for the second book Catching Fire...


I'm off to do a happy dance.


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