Money Problems

I'm partially addicted to It's kind of soothing, really.

I'm getting back into writing and reading after months off both, and am enjoying it immensely.

I need to get a job soon, to pay for both the things I want and the part-board for the horse. We're going with Terri, our regular instructor, if she can split the 200$ for regular boarding in half so each me and Sare can part-board a horse. I have the first month's pay for it lined up, but I need another job to keep the money there. The Bakery isn't giving me enough hours to pay for the part board by itself.

I'm tempted to get a job as a cook for some fast-food place, as long as I don't have to serve customers. But for that, I need to find a place. And put a job application in. And get an interview. And get accepted after the interview.

Gah. So much work.

As well, I need to get a job as my parent's are struggling with money... So the more I bring in, the less they have to spend.



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