If Only

What I want to do, what I really, truly want to do, is live in a fairy tale world, even if it's not being the princess. Even if it's just being a bookseller, or baker, maybe even an urchin on the street.

Even better, I'd love to live all those lives at one time or another, even if it isn't in one of those From Rags To Riches type lives.

I could handle that. I could be there. I would love it.

But that world doesn't exist outside of story books. And while I try to be happy for the life I have in this world, this world full of concrete things, I can't help but long for such a world set out on paper.

"If only, if only..." is a phrase I often use. If only this were possible, if only I could be in a fairy tale world, if only, if only.

But usually, if only's don't happen. And even if they could, I wouldn't know where to start.


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