So me and Sare are thinking of part-boarding a horse.

It was kind of a sudden "Let's do it!" thing, rather than a long, thought out process. But it doesn't mean we are any less determined.

Typically, around here, its about 200$ a month. Sare can't pay that much (she works at No Frills, it isn't that much, and she has other things to pay for). So out of the blue, when she told me (in Auto class, no less) I suggested we go halfsies.

Now, we can't even get info on the horse because Sare's other friend Hannah won't give us the information, claiming the horse is too rough to ride (though she told us he was a calm, beautiful, nice horse) and saying she'll set it all up. Uh, no thank you, since I haven't trusted her in a long time. I knwo she doesn't like me, and I'm not too fond of her either.

Now she's giving us small little bits that mean nothing. "Middleton rd." Yeah. There's 5 roads with Middleton in them that show up on Google Maps, as well as some out of the country. I'm getting mad and Sare won't do anything because, heck, she never does.

But Terri is trying to get us at WWS, where we normally ride, and is trying to work out how to do it since halfsies on a horse won't be the best for various reasons. So we'll probably go with Terri anyways if we can afford it.

Gah. Every time I try being neutral to Hannah, I end up wanting to punch her face in. It's much easier just to hate her and not hide that I do.


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