Class of 2010, please rise.

I am officially a graduate. You will see less use of conjunctions in this post because somehow, I have flipped my keyboard to french. I am about to try to fix this.

There we go. Anyways. I'm officially a graduate. Please, please. Hold your applause.

So it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. The speeches had some relevance to me (the ones that didn't include "Oh it will be so hard to leave HP, and we all will miss our friends we've had since grade 9 or before!"), my mom was on stage, and I won awards.

Yeah. You read that right.

I won awards. Not just one award either, two. Hence, the s in awards.

I wasn't expecting them. I'd slacked off a lot this year, burning out. When the Family Studies award was being handed out, I slumped inn my seat, thinking that I had lost my chance at that award. And then I hear my name, and though now that I think about it, there's no one else really as deserving of it, I was still surprised. They quoted how many courses I'd taken (from grade 9 Family Studies, to Food&Nutrition, to Parenting, to SAP, to Food&Nutrition Sciences) and how I had been in three food-related co-ops, helped out making peanut free products, and some other things I didn't hear because I was asking Mrs. Sheriff when I should make my way down the stairs again. It was like a brag fest, just for me, and I had no part in it.

Sheriff also gave me a gift on stage, which I later unwrapped to reveal a cookie jar and a crystal necklace. A lot of people were surprised by this.

And then, after all the scholastic awards, came the special ones, which included my Mom. They came to an award sponsored by the people who provide HP's cafeteria food. Well, they've got a lot of helpers there on a daily basis- people needing the hours, or needing a place to spend lunch, so I wasn't expecting much.

And then my name is called.

Anyone but the parents were probably surprised at this. Hey, so was I. The cafeteria lady who I'd only talked to a few times while ordering was all congratulatory and excited and all I could say was "Really? Really? Thank you so much! Thank you so much!" (Honestly, I repeated myself that much!) as they recited my work at Weil's and other accomplishments, much like my Family Studies award. So now I feel nostalgic, realizing that Weil's is the place that got me here, getting both of these awards, and want to go visit.

Except I can't do that. Not really. I don't feel... welcomed? No. That's not the word. Or is it? Maybe. I don't feel as if I belong. As if they want me within ten meters of the place. Perhaps I'm exaggerating. Perhaps I'm not.

But the award contained a cheque for 100$. Yeah, pretty cool.

My blurb that was said as I walked across the stage said something like " aspiring to become a pastry chef, horseback riding instructor, and novellist. She also plans to save the world"

A good ending, all in all.

Now, I've got work tomorrow, and I should write my sentences for my stories and go to bed. Good night.


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