Wind Fall

I am done with exams. I make no assumptions about grad yet, simply because I'm paranoid that something will mess up and I'll have to eat my words, which wouldn't be fun at all. But exams are over for me. I did my first and final exam today and finished just about 40 minutes ago. I thought I flunked the Multiple Choice (that would be embarrassing) but apparently I got 90%. Now it's just my essay-type answer worth 15 marks, only 3 of those are for the actual writing. And, surprise surprise, mine was at least double the length of most everyones. 5 times the length of the girl who sat beside me, though that's not a surprise to me.

So I'm a little giddy. Don't know what to do first. Read, sleep, what book to read, write, review, dance, eat?

Well, I know what I'm going to do first, actually.

Sleep. I deserve it.

Good night.


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