Iceland, Thailand, India and Venice.

I know no one thinks I'll be something great.

I know that when I say I'm going to live in Iceland, or Thailand, or India, or Venice, that everyone rolls their eyes to the sky and says "Here Amm goes, thinking big and impossible things, trying to get a rise out of us, cause I know she'd never do it."

I know. In the closed space of my room, I whisper "I know,"

But I also know that it will happen.

I know I'll move to Iceland, or Thailand, or India, or Venice, or all of them. I know I will. Because I've got the determination to do it. And because it's no big thing in my head, like it seems to be for all of you. To say I'll move to Venice and ride the canals on gondolas, that's not something impossible. Not to me.

So while I whisper "I know," to what I know you're all thinking, I'm also whispering "I know," to what I'm thinking.

I know you're thinking it's impossible.

Also, I know that I'll do what I'm thinking. Despite it being "impossible."

Just so you know.


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