To come full circle?

It's an easy decision. Really. It should be, anyways. If I have any sense in me, and sense is what I pride myself for having, I'd say no in a heartbeat. And I did... at first.

I got offered a job back at SP. For those of you who didn't know me pre-Living in Reverie, SP was the bakery co-op I had in grade 11. Things went downhill pretty quickly on both sides, even though I did get hired for a time. By he end of the semester, I was just counting down the days, hours, minutes until I'd be through. Second to last day, my boss couldn't even tell me that I was being let go (and had been without anyone telling me for a good month and a half) so he made my semi-supervisor do it. The reason was never named, but I bet it had something to do with one of the older girl's problems with me (long story, but I hadn't said a mean word to her, I swear), my lack of interest, and just general growing unrest. Last day- I left as if it was any other day. Everyone knew it was my last day, but no one said good luck or we'll miss you or anything.

So you can see why I wouldn't want to go back. Also, I injured my wrists at SP due to them demanding that I carry 30-40 pound buckets of custard etc. by a metal handle. And they wanted me to continue doing so as both of them were wrapped up. My wrists still haven't healed.

Even more proof, huh?

And yet, a little part of me sees this as an opportunity to get that apprenticeship I need, and perhaps they've changed. And I didn't much mind the people... some people... Two or three persons.

I don't like how they make their baked goods (90% premade and precooked and premixed). I don't like how they try to work us like dogs.

So I'm saying no. But it's still in the back of my head, you know?


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