The Past stays IN THE PAST, please and thankyou

Anyone who knows me knows I like things to stay where they are. Mainly: The past stays in the past.

I was an idiot in the past. So were we all. And I made idiotic mistakes. And people around me did too. So I'd like to leave both the people and all of our mistakes safely in the past.

Life doesn't like me enough to do that. So I'm often bombarded with past misdeeds and mis-persons. And I will blatantly run away screaming (I did that once.)

But yesterday, in a bout of shower-inspiration, I contacted one of my old old friends who I've not talked to in years. Years upon years. And I'm pretty sure that we left each other on a low note. And, with my motto being as it is, when she asked me to become her friend on Facebook, I declined speedily. Past stays in the past.

But yes, yesterday I contacted her asking to become a "friend."

Now I'm trying to keep up a conversation we both probably don't want to keep anymore. We've both stated we're two different people, and the short-lived happily-ever-after ending for us I had imagined in the shower was probably just me getting high off of blessedly hot steam (is that even possible?)

Shoot. Me. Now.


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