The Semi-Annual Week O' Hell

This week is set up to suck. Not one night will I (should I) go to bed before midnight. I just kind of wish I had my friends to celebrate (ha!) it with. But then again, they'd just distract me from my purpose- get every assignment I have on this growing to-do list in my hand done. It's a lengthly list.

Insert one of my many sighs here.

But Germany beat Australia 4-0 today. I feel awesome, because Abir was rooting for Australia, and if Germany had lost, I'd never hear the end of it.

But who won't hear the end of it is Green, the goalie from England's team. I just want to hug him- it was a honest mistake, the goal. But everyone's blowing it up to be something bigger than it is. Give him a break.

Now to work for another hour on my homework so that maybe, perhaps, hopefully I will be able to go to sleep at 11 one day this week. Today is not that day, by the way.


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