The Little Things

It's crazy, really, how someone you never thought you'd ever be acquaintances with, let alone shaky friends, can be a better friend to you than the ones you've known and been with for years.

It's crazy, really, the difference between "Do you need a ride?" and "Do you want a ride?" can be.

Perhaps we get too comfortable with our friends. Perhaps we believe too whole-heartedly that our friends will be there no matter what happens. No matter how many times we snub them, or get frustrated with them, or ask them what they need and not what they want. We forget that the little things we did at the beginning still count half way through, and that in absence of this, everything can draw to a hurtful, or sometimes emotionless, end.

And perhaps we get too wary of our close friends too. It makes sense, doesn't it? They are so close that they can tear you apart. They can bring you down easily if you misstep. And you've got an image with them, believe it or not. You have this image that is ingrained into their mind, and do you really want to challenge that with the truth of how you now think or feel, which may be nothing like the way you thought or felt way-back-when? Do you really want to risk them hating this new, ever-changing you?

So you make acquaintances with other people you don't even think about being friends. Perhaps you're awkward when in person, or you fear that they're just there because you're friends with one of their friends. But slowly you build up this invisible bond that probably doesn't make all that much sense, and you tell them things you wouldn't say otherwise; like how your friends asked you if you needed a ride, not if you wanted one. And you correct yourself, realizing belatedly that perhaps that acquaintance doesn't understand, or you sound crazy or needy.

And then that friend, because they are really some kind of friend, says "Do you want a ride with me?"


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