On Air

When I was younger (how young? I don't know) I'd watch these shows or read these books that made me want to do something. The something being whatever it was about. Well, I guess I still do that, but the show I'm talking about is Radio Free Roscoe.

I just watched the first episode earlier (thinking I could work through it. Nope. Forgot I need stats from the internet, which makes watching it on the computer kind of hard). Since watching RFR for the first time, I wanted to make such a radio station. Except, well, it's kind of impossible.

I like being heard, if you didn't know already. I also have a lot of opinions. And I have no problem being anonymous. I thought it was perfect. But, yeah. Not going to happen. One of those dreams that, though on the more realistic side of things (compared to my other dreams), still won't work out.

But maybe it stuck with me, because I still want to be a radio broadcaster. There's a course at Humber college, I think. Not too costly either.

Problem? I'm pretty bad with people. Even hiding behind a mic, well, I don't know. I'd still have to interview stars and such. I suck at public speaking, and sometimes, if I focus on what I'm saying too much, I mess it up. Which is why I had halting conversation all last semester- because I got self-conscious of it.

Perhaps it's just a dream not meant to come true. Or perhaps, one day, you'll hear me on your radio station.

Except you won't know it's me, of course, because I'm basically anonymous right now, and very few of you know my real name (and some of those who think they know it are wrong, because sometimes I go by other names).

It's something to ponder over, certainly.


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