I didn't think so.

I don't blame you for forcibly drifting away, because who was I to plead you otherwise? I don't hate you because you believed them over me, for they were always the innocent ones outside, and I was the one who told the truth. I don't mind that you pass on their hurtful (and false) words, because who can resist the rumor mill? I don't care that you are wary of me in the hallways, because how are you supposed to know that I'm not all they say I am.

No. Scratch all that. I do blame, hate, mind and care. Why? Because you should have known- you should have known to think. To question. To ask "Would Amm do such a thing?" and "Do these people have a reason to spread false words about Amm?"

You should have stuck with "innocent until proven guilty" as your safe phrase.

Instead, you accepted everything at face value, except for me.

Except for the one story that wasn't more fiction than memoir. The one person who turned face value into soul value.

So you can understand why I blame, hate, mind and care, can't you?

Can't you??


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