Of Blame and Faults

We are told we are blameless, then we are told we are to blame for everything inour lives. What is it? Other's decisions aren't our fault, and yet they effect our lives and seem to turn it all into something we're to blame for.

How do we know how much everyone is to blame? Is it 50/50? Or are we in the position to change this number where appropriate?

I'm looking at this all, and I know what happened and how I got here, where I am, sitting on this step and not knowing where to turn and alternately loving and hating it, but I don't know when this started. And it doesn't matter, not really, but it's like this big unknown that I really need an answer to.

I could blame a million people for everything that has brought me here, I would, given a chance, but I can't. But I can't see how this is all my fault, like I'm supposed to.

I'm putting two and two together, but it's not equaling four.

Is it my fault? Is it my fault that this all happened, because I'm me and I think too deeply, or is it their fault, for not being able to handle it? If someone's not necessarily nice to me, and I end it all, is it their fault for being as such, or is it mine for not being able to deal? I get two different answers, and a billion different answers, but it's basically the same question, isn't it?

Who is at fault? Who is to blame? And if there's two or three or four at fault here, who gets what piece of the blame? Who is qualified to judge such a thing?


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