On Instinct

Today I was dipping sample-sized apple slices in chocolate, and then in cinnamon. Denise's new boyfriend came in and so she offered him one.

"What is it?" he asked, and she told him to just eat it.

Right after she said that, I thought "What if he's allergic to apple or cinnamon?" and panicked for a minute, about to say that, but decided that she'd know/I was just freaking out because I happen to be allergic to everything.

Right after I dismissed the thought, I hear "Shit, that was an apple, wasn't it?"

"Yeah. Why? It's good!" says Denise.

"I'm allergic to apples!"

It was weird. Weirder thing is, these types of things keep happening. Not the allergy warnings, but things like always picking the right number of fruit/skewers though I couldn't even know how much was needed, or I know when something's going to hit the fan right before, or a bit before, it happens. I know when people are lying to me even if it's totally believable. I know when people are hiding something from me.

It's just weird.

It's probably nothing. But it's still weird.


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