Of Getting a Job, Quitting a Job, and Losing a Job

So I've been pretty MIA, haven't I? well, it's because I was applying for jobs, got an interview for a job, was told I would be hired for the job and they'd email me my schedule, quit my other job, and then, today, was told Nevermind, the new place didn't want/need me anymore.

And for some reason, I saw this coming. But again, it was like "Well, they told me they'd take me on, and everyone else is saying that they're just a little late, and who would do that? Tell me I'm hired then change their mind, especially after I quit my other job for them."

I guess these people were the type.

And now I just feel like curling under the covers and just sleeping, only waking up for riding and reading some good books, which I won't even afford to get so... nevermind.

I should probably see if I can get my job back, but I was so excited to get my weekends back, and to be able to go up to the cottage for once, because I haven't been since February, and one mini trip in March.

And I should probably go back to the job I quit, and I would, but in three weeks everyone's planning to quit so I'll be slave driven into doing every possible shift.

So I guess it's no boots I desperately need (because I can hardly ride with half chaps that just fall down because I'm too tall for them), no books I really want to read, no presents for my family, nothing, until I get a new job. I'm hanging onto my riding payments because in November I'm stopping.

At least I learned my lesson. Or something.


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