Of The New You

It's kind of hard knowing who you want to be, even when the world is telling you you're an adult now.

You do something once, and it seems that the whole impression of you that someone's had just... changes. Completely. They suddenly think that you want to be the "new" you all the time. They decide they like that You, and so they push it more and more. And when you say no, try to revert back, they don't believe it. They think they can push you into being the New You.

Because they like the New You better than they ever liked the Old You.

And perhaps, and I might be stretching it a bit to suit my needs, they don't want you to rise above them and say "This is me, the REAL me. I'm not the You everyone now wants me to be. I'm Me, despite you hating it."

Because they can't see how anyone wouldn't want to be them. Or how anyone can get out of being them.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just rambling. Maybe I don't have a point.

But I think I do.


Anonymous said...

I think you rather have a point, too. There's a lot of pressure on everyone to be what they COULD be, without respecting what they WANT to be, let alone who they THINK they might.

Ammietia (a girl you once knew) said...

Thanks :) I'm glad someone understood my ramblings, lol.

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