Of John's Pride

Called EA back, talked to Alice, whom I texted early the morning before asking if it'd be possible to get my job back. She told me she was going to work on John, but I heard her boyfriend in the background saying that John had hired someone else.

After a day and a half, he hired someone else. Quick one, he is.

But Alice was going to fight for me.

Got a message today from Denise that didn't say it straight out, but implied that John was too prideful to take me back, even though I, along with Alice and Denise, am the hardest worker.

And Alice, probably even more pissed at her father (John) (as she has been for weeks) picked a fight with the "manager" (who does nothing but sit on her butt). They're all threatening to leave now.

I still have no job, though.

And I was a favourite of Alice's, so that explains any extra anger exuding off her.


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